Sunday, September 11, 2011

Headaches & Flat Tires!

Elder Bengtzen has had a very hard time the last couple of weeks.  He has had terrible headaches that continue to get worse.  He fought a nasty sinus infection for 2 months before he left. The mission doctor thought maybe his sinus infection was back.  He took another round of antibiotics but the headaches continue and are getting worse.  Prescription migraine pills don't work, saline rinse pump and caffeine don't work either.  I talked with Sister Collins last week.  They think it may be sinus related because the pain is in his forehead and eyes. I made an appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor for Monday morning.  Hopefully they can figure something out.  He is miserable but still continues to work as hard as he can.  For Brayden to complain it must be REALLY bad.  He is in good hands but wants to put all of his effort and energy into teaching and is having a hard time doing that. Please keep him in your prayers!!!

Remember that really nice mountain bike Elder Bengtzen was given when he arrived in Indiana.  Well he has a great story to tell. I will recite directly from his journal.  "Aug 20th, I received my 3rd flat tire within 48 hours! INSANE!  Today we had to walk our bikes 5 miles back to the apartment so I could patch it up.  We then went out about another 5 miles when I got another flat.  We got a ride home. Aug 22nd, today my bike was not liking me.  I fixed ANOTHER flat and only rode 1/4 mile before it was flat again.  We walked back to our apartment and I fixed the flat again.  This time we decided to test it so we rode to the mailbox.  It was flat again before we got there.  Came home, fixed the flat.  We needed a bike to get to an 8:00pm appointment. We left at 7:30 to ride approximately 4-5 miles.  Half way up the "Hill" my tire flattened.  This time I was prepared and I had a pump in my bag.  I pumped it up and kept riding to our appointment.  100ft later, flat.  I tried pumping it up but it wouldn't hold this time.  We started on foot.  We locked our bike up and ditched them.  We will go get them tomorrow.  Aug 23rd, we picked up our bikes and went to a bike shop.  I bought 2 high end tubes and a CO2 cartridge bike pump.  OH YEAH!  I fixed the bike and so far so good!"

The weather in Indiana is mid 90's and about 75% humidity.  He says he did not know it was possible for your arms and legs to sweat. He says you know it's hot when you pull your money clip out of your back pocket and all of your money is soaking wet.

The 3 baptisms that were scheduled for Sept 3 have been moved to September 24th.  He is teaching several people and has a lot of neat spiritual experiences. He has also volunteered at the Special Olympics in a softball tournament.  He and Elder Thomas have come up with a new way to better receive referrals from members.  The reason why they need referrals is because 1 in every 900 doors that they knock on will be baptized.  1 in 4 member referrals are baptized.  They call it IRS.  Inspired Referral Seeking!  (Guess we all need to get working on those member referrals!)

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