Friday, August 5, 2011

Narnia at the MTC

Well, 2 weeks at the MTC and Brayden has decided it's time to go on a diet.  Him and Elder Webster (from Arizona) are on a chocolate milk  and  100oz  of water liquid diet.  Uh,  let's see how long that lasts!
(Elder Webster)

Elder Bengtzen loves 10 hour church.  He said he enjoyed this Sunday even more than last Sunday.  He said they pray 20-30 times a day and sing 6-10 hymns every day.  He always has a hymn stuck in his head.  He loves communicating with the Lord.  He says his prayers are usually about 25 minutes long and so far his prayers have always been answered.

A week ago Wednesday, (one week after MTC arrival) an announcement came over the intercom during lunch that said "We are running short on hosts today and need about 20 more elders."  Brayden and his companion, Elder Mills ran to the information desk. I can see it now, running as fast as they can, pushing anyone and any thing out of their way. Sweaty and out of breath, they were given their assignments.  I guess  they don't have that church rule of "no running in the halls."  They were so excited to greet all the new missionaries and show them around the MTC.  The rest of Elder Bengtzen's district was upset because they wanted to host as well.  Elder Mills and Brayden set out to see if they could sign up for this Wednesday's drop off.  They said they were full and didn't have any more room.  Later that day, Brayden had a letter in his box from the training department asking him and his district to host on Wednesday. See, all his prayers are being answered!    
Back row - Elders Mills, Elder Hawkins, Elder Dahl, Brother Cope, Elder Hunsaker,
Elder Webster, Elder Bengtzen
Front row - Sister Sneed, Sister Castleton, Sister Flint, Sister Richards, Elder Knowles
One of the teachers, Brother Cope, is Gregg's kind of teacher.  One day during a 7:30am class, Elder Bengtzen started to doze off.  The cool and funny Brother Cope said, "Elder Bengtzen, let us do push-up."  Brayden started laughing and the teacher said "I'm serious, let's do them."  So on the ground the 2 of them went and did 20 push ups together.  The reason I say he is Gregg's kind of teacher is because whenever the boys do something stupid, Gregg says, "drop and give me 20." Brayden said it helped temporarily but made him more tired later on.

Elder Bengtzen has found a Narnia hole in his room.  One day he had a sudden urge to lift up the ceiling tiles???  He found a whole treasure of things.  A basketball hoop, a bunny rabbit, a stocking, Justin Beiber, Easter eggs, toilet paper, candy and so much more!  Wow, do all the rooms have a Narnia hole or is Elder Bengtzen the gate keeper.  He has such a hard decision.....what to take, what to leave there.

Well, it is time for 10 missionaries to head to Indiana on Tuesday, August 9th.  Elder Bengtzen has been called to be the travel leader.  What? He hasn't been on a plane since he was one!  They even have a lay over in Detroit.  I sure hope they make it to Indiana.  He gets to wake up at 3:00am because the bus leaves at 4:00am.  Have fun son....but not too much fun!

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