Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brayden goes to the Provo Missionary Training Center July 20, 2011

It was a very tearful goodbye as Brayden prepared to leave home around noon on Wednesday.  Not only did he have to say goodbye to the family, but something of greater importance.....the cell phone! After a burial ceremony, (locking up the cell phone) it was time for all his siblings to give him a big hug and kiss goodbye... until it came to Owen.  He has his own way of saying goodbye.  No hug just a quick "bye".  Was he too emotional to say more? I told him to give Brayden a hug because he was going to be gone for a long time. His reply was, "I know!  He is going to be gone for 2 years then coming home and moving out!" No tears of sadness, just simply stating the facts.  The new, more mature Brayden shot back, "I love you too Owen!"
It was an emotional drive up University Boulevard in Provo, Utah. We saw other cars with Elders traveling to the MTC as well.  When we reached our destination and pulled into the MTC parking lot we felt an amazing power and the spirit was so strong.  The sidewalks were lined with Elders in their white shirts and ties waving as we drove by.  These men are definitely part of God's Army! When we arrived at our unloading zone, an Elder opened the door to let Brayden out and welcome him to his new home. I was warned that it would be a quick departure so I quickly started taking pictures. The Elder asked Brayden if he had a cell phone.  Phew, passed that test! Gregg unloaded Brayden's 2 huge suitcases then... it was time for the hugs.  I was trying to be so brave but the second I hugged my little boy I broke down.  Gregg got his bear hug and then we tearfully watched as Brayden and his escort walked away.  It was very hard not to run after them.

While leaving the parking lot we had several Elders waving goodbye to us. I felt such a comfort and peace as we left the MTC.  I knew Brayden was where he was suppose to be. It was an amazing experience I will never forget!

After gaining some composure, we stopped off at a gas station in Provo before getting on the freeway.  We talked with two other families that were dropping their sons off at the MTC as well. So many families making such a huge sacrifice. It is good to know we are not alone in this adventure. We are so proud of Brayden and the steps he has taken this past year to be a full time missionary.  I know he will be blessed!

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  1. Well that brought a tear to my eye. You will be blessed tremendously as a family in these next two years. I'm so excited for you to have this experience. You're little family is growing up. I was looking for a baby and there was none. When did that happen? I guess you into the next phase of your lives - seeing that they grow up with testimonies. Good luck with that. You'll need these inspiring letters from your son. They will help.

    Thanks for the amazing website. I will be checking in as you update as I'm a real sucker for this type of thing. Thanks! Love, Connie